Build your resilience today with Guided Learning Online Therapy (dCBT)

What makes dCBT by EQ Care different?

EQ Care’s dCBT Program offers care with a human touch.

You’ll be guided by dedicated care professionals who are available

to help you every step of the way.

EQ Care’s dCBT Program offers care with a human touch. You’ll be guided by dedicated care professionals who are available to help you every step of the way.


Your Care Team

  • Your Therapist
    Jane Harlin
  • Behavioural Health Coach
    Felix Brandt
  • Your Technical Support
    Technical Support Team

Guided with a Human Touch

Support from dedicated care professionals:

A Licensed Therapist who provides you with weekly feedback and monitors your progress.

A Behavioural Health Coach to accompany you for non-clinical questions throughout your journey.


Our service is available to you 24/7, in French and English, across Canada, with support via phone, email and chat.


Our services are all confidential and your data is stored here in Canada, in a way that adheres to all privacy and security regulations.


75% of respondents demonstrate a reduction of symptoms of 40% by the end of the program.


Our modules are designed with you in mind. They’re visually stimulating, easy to navigate and personalized to suit your needs.

How does it work?

Here’s a step-by-step of what to expect when you use

Guided Learning Online Therapy - dCBT

Sign-up to access Prologue, our introductory module.

Prologue will give you an overview of our programs and invite you to share your story.

Our team will tailor your journey based on the details you shared in the Prologue and your subsequent weekly sessions.

After the initial payment, you can now continue your journey and take the next steps towards your improved mental wellbeing.

What can we help you with?

Pandemic Support Program

A 9-week program for individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anxiety program

A 12-week program designed for individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

Depression program

This program uses a combination of therapeutic approaches to help employees handle their distress, seek safety and avoid destructive behaviors linked to addiction.

Addiction Support

This program aims to support employees recovering from addiction and prevent relapse. The course provides materials that teach skills to help control urges and make room for recovery.

Adolescent Anxiety

Support for your employees' teenagers who may also be struggling with their mental health. This program helps them build strategies for dealing with stress and improve self-esteem.

What are people saying about dCBT?

  • “I learned to better understand my emotions and realized many of my thoughts were irrational, allowing me to change the way I think. The feedback I received allowed me to consolidate these new achievements and give me a sense of making progress.”

    Emily-dCBT Participant

  • “I appreciate that this program exists! Having further modules and even more customization in the modules would greatly improve the experience in my opinion.”

    Arlie-dCBT Participant

  • “Being able to do this at my own pace and practice with guidance :)”

    Morgan-dCBT Participant

  • “It helped me improve my mental health and function better day-to-day”

    Robert-dCBT Participant

  • “The content is very good. I generally really enjoyed this first experience in therapy.”

    Dan-dCBT Participant


  • Prologue


  • Initial assessment and 3 first sessions


  • Any remaining sessions


  • Total


You can claim dCBT under your paramedical coverage. You pay for the program upfront and get reimbursed through your benefits or insurance plan. For more information on your coverage, contact your benefits or insurance provider.

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